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Print Work

While attending the University of North Alabama, I gained my Bachelor of Science in Art with a focus in print design. Even though the majority of my design work is now for the digital realm, I've continued to love designing for print and the flexibility that comes with it. When designing for the online world, sometimes there are unavoidable hurdles and restraints you're faced with, but in the print world, the only limit is the size of your imagination. There are no resolutions to worry about, no cross-compatability to take into account, no "graceful degradation" to work around, and no load times.

From RV Real Estate to Cabinets, and from Logos to Posters, I've had the opportunity to create custom print designs for a huge variety of clients over the past several years. Starting by talking with the client, pitching ideas, and then working side-by-side from draft to final print, I've had the chance to create many custom works that fit their many custom needs.